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Heritage Burgundy Valdese - our totally dry red wine as originally made by our first generation Waldensians. Made from bunch grapes with a lingering aroma of grapes at harvest time. Best served at room temperature, excellent with red meat, game, and pasta.

Burgundy Valdese - our biggest seller, with only a small residual amount of sugar. Served at room temperature, it has an excellent bouquet of the grape, an inborn fruitiness and a light burgundy flavor. This wine is great for sipping or with the same foods as the Heritage Burgundy Valdese.

Millenium Deux - a unique wine made by blending all the wines used at Waldensian Heritage Wines. It is semi-sweet, has an excellent bouquet, and fruity flavor. Sipping it reminds one of memories gone by and memories to come.  Best served slightly chilled.

Blanc Royale - represents our traditional white wine, made from a blend of choice white grapes. This dry wine has a well balanced bouquet and a delicate fruity flavor. Blanc Royale is an excellent choice with appetizers, seafood, or poultry.  Serve slightly chilled with a friend.

Waldensian White Sweet - a sweet blend with an artful approach to blending American and hybrid grapes to produce a soft white wine that can be enjoyed before, during or after dinner. Truly an "all occasion wine" loved by the Southern Ladies when served slightly chilled.

Blush Regal - a delightfully pleasant, medium dry wine produced from a blue grape by limiting the contact between the juice and the grape skins, thus giving the wine its pink color. This wine is great as a summer sipper, an appetite stimulant, and an excellent complement to any meal.  Best served slightly chilled.

Piedmont Rose - a blend of two white wines and a percentage of our red wine.  Blended for our customers who prefer a sweet wine that still maintains its fruitiness and delicate bouquet.  Best served slightly chilled.

Villar Rouge Sweet - a sweet wine that maintains the quality of the Burgundy Valdese, with extra sugar to please the taste buds of the Southern Ladies and Gentlemen. Enjoy as a dessert or after dinner wine, and best served at room temperature or slightly chilled.

Catawba White- is our sweetest white wine made from the popular Catawba grape. it has a refreshingly crisp fruity taste with a hint of citrus. Is it best served slightly chilled.


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